Monday, 6 February 2012

The Pink Monster

When it's someone's birthday, and that someone let you live in their home with their awesome dog and their nice boyfriend and made out like it was no big deal, you need to really go for it with their birthday cake. And so The Pink Monster was born.

At least that's what I started calling it at first, but it sounded just a little bit too much like a particularly brutal sex toy. Same for Pinkzilla, and the Pink Revenge. Eventually it just seemed best to call it Gem's birthday cake.

It only baked it in two 20cm tins, but once they were stacked on top of each other a smeared with a healthy layer of white chocolate buttercream it took on an intimidating air. And I'd made it *so* pink it also looked like a prop cake for a kid's film. Which I consider a good thing, obviously.

Failed porn name aside, it was a success, and Gem loved it, and I figure if I ever get divorced and end up temporarily homeless again then I've bought myself some more spare room time.

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