Monday, 11 July 2011

Carnivores versus the carpet

You know how it is. You want to impress a boy who likes meat about as much as the average werewolf. You take the day off, study recipe books like a starved chef, cover the meat in a spicy rub, make your own barbecue sauce from scratch. You roast the meat, then cover it in foil and roast it again in a bath of beer, then glaze it with sticky, smoky sauce and cook it again. You wait for him to get home, serve it on a massive chopping board... then drop a juicy, bright red bit of meat on his beige carpet. You try to pretend you're not crying, but you are a bit.

Drama aside, these pork ribs were amazing, so tender and juicy that you barely needed to chew, which meant you could eat about twice as much before your stomach started to sound the warning sirens. Worth doing if you've got six hours and a bottle of reliable carpet cleaner in the cupboard.

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