Monday, 1 August 2011

The burger of doom

As well as vampires, the size of my own breasts and Apple products, I'm also pretty obsessive about burgers. Sure, I'm as happy as the next diabetes candidate to sink my teeth into a quarter pounder with cheese, but my heart really lies with a posh patty.

The best I've ever had? A "Third Burger" from Hawksmoor that featured their special beef and bone marrow mix and some juicy pulled pork. This was my attempt to recreate that magic. A burger from the Heston range at Waitrose (damn fine), some Swiss cheese, a little shallot, a little tomato, some pulled pork... and a home made bun.

That's right, my own friggin' bun. Hand baked from a recipe over at Smitten Kitchen. Part bread, part brioche, it makes the house smell about 2000 times posher than it actually is and forms a solid base for even the juiciest of burgers. I've always thought people got a bit too precious about the joy of baking your own bread, but it really is crazy satisfying.

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